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How to fix the 404 error in Blogger (Effective Ways)

The most negative point for any blogger's blog is then considered. When a 404 error is generated in his blog.

It is important to solve this 404 error as soon as possible. Because it causes negative effects in seo.

So today in this article we will learn how to fix the 404 error in Blogger.

So let's start without wasting time.


What is This 404 Error?

Before fixing this error, let us know about this error. And also know when this error comes.

When a user opens any URL of our blog and he does not open the URL and gives a 404 error. This is called a 404-page error.

It arrives at a URL or link that is not fully active.

If there is a broken link or Dead link in our blogger blog then you will definitely see this error.

When does 404 error

Search Wrong URL

When you search for the wrong URL. So you will definitely get to see an error of 404. Because the URL you are finding is not available.

You can solve this error by correcting the URL.

Broken Link

You add a link to another blog or site in your blog post. And after sometimes, if the link is removed, which is linked in your blog post.

So this link will be a broken link which when opened will show you an error of 404.


For this, you keep analyzing your blog post. From which you will get broken links and dead links.

Delete Blog Post

It is often the case that we delete our blog post, but the URL of that post is indexed in the search engine.


And whenever someone clicks on that URL. So use 404 is an error show.

The only solution to this is that you delete the URL of the deleted post from the search engine.

How to fix the 404 error in Blogger

#Step1: First of all, login to your blogger account.

(Then the blogger dashboard will open in front of you.)

#Step2: In that you click on the setting


(Now blogger settings will open in front of you)

#Step3: Then you scroll and go to the section below error and redirections.


#Step4: Then you click on custom 404


#Step5: Now a custom 404 popup will open in front of you, paste the code below in it

Sorry, this page is not available at the current time.

You will soon be on the Homepage.

<script type = "text/javascript">

  PNF_redirect = setTimeout(function() {

  location.pathname= "/"

  }, 5000);


#Step6: Then save.

By pasting this code, whenever you click on any Broken link of your blog and open it, then the error page will be redirected to your blog page.

You must do this, it is also helpful for your SEO of the blog.

Can Also Use Custom redirection

If you want to redirect one of your blog posts to another blog post, then custom redirection is very helpful.

If you have deleted any of your blog posts, it is still in the search engine and when you open that post, a 404 error shows.

So custom redirection can be used for its solution.

In which you can redirect the URL of your delete to your blog home page or any other post.

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