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About us

Hello Friends! Welcome to Do Tech Blog. 


I am Himanshu, the founder of  Dotechblog. I have done my education in computer science, I like blogging and digital marketing.

 I have given a lot of time to blogging and digital marketing. My blogging journey has been very long in which I have learned many things.

Now I want my experience and information to reach people.

For which Dotechblog is a little platform that provides information related to Blogger, Beginner Guide, SEO, Technology, and Blogging.

If you have a blog or you have a website, then our blog will be useful for you.

Because you will be able to know how you can take the blog and website forward in a good way and gain success.

I have done my education in the field of computer science, so that I know a good knowledge of programming, in which I also share information related to programming language on our blog.

The only objective of this blog is to reach the people correctly and clearly.


Owner of  Dotechblog